Window Coverings for Bedroom décor – Adding to the Romantic vibes

The abode of relaxation post an exhausting workday, the bedroom is that special space in the household where moments of relief and romance happen. A deep slumber or recuperation from the hardships of occupational stress, all take place in the bedroom. The paramount necessity that a bedroom provides is quality time with your spouse.

With love in the air, surrounded by the walls of the bedroom, romantic feelings can be extremely elevated via certain background installations and alterations. One of the stimuli to induce and improvise romance is the window treatments.

How does a trivial window covering add to the romantic ambiance?

The human mind is structured in a way to trigger a particular emotion when the senses are exposed to some stimulus. The colors, designs and artwork of something as insignificant as a window covering are enough to ease your mood and make you feel comfortable and cozy. Simplicity in such trivial décor items is what makes them sophisticated for the human emotions to comprehend.

The perfect colors that serve the purpose are red and pink. Scientifically proven, ‘red’ affects the emotions vastly and the hues of pink seem to be the perfect color for couples. These colors of ‘love and affection’ are a must while incorporating bedroom furniture and window coverings and seem the prime option as their availability and prices keep the budget in check.

Some fashionable and lovely window treatments available are:

  • Wood and faux wood shades – Bedrooms don’t require complete blackouts, as per misconceptions prevailing in the confused minds of the customers. Wooden or faux wood shades and blinds provide a sense of relief, romance and connection to nature while keeping the adequate amount of light in the bedroom space. Privacy is ensured by the proper functionality of these shades.
  • Savannah shadings – Another stylish and functional variety that ensures proper lighting in the bedroom. Fitted with soft, adjustable fabric vanes, these shades dim the bedroom perfectly and seem to be floating between two transparent panels.
  • Hardwood shutters – Maintenance of privacy in the bedroom is of supreme importance and hence, hardwood shutters ensure the privacy factor while keeping the proper air ventilation and adequate lighting, feats that make these more versatile than quintessential shades. Custom made shutters are even more suited for the elegance of the décor as they perfectly fit into the proposed requirements of the customers.
  • Roller shades are perfect for budget oriented customers as they maintain the ambiance of the décor while keeping the frivolous purchasing in check.
  • Cellular shades are suitable for insulation purposes while maintaining a modern look.
  • Roman shades are optimal for the art enthusiasts. They are artistic and elegant and fill the bedroom with calm vibes.
  • Drapery acts as a versatile treatment as it covers the complete window and a complementary liner can be incorporated with the drapery to provide a more fashionable look.

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