Four Tips For Choosing The Right Service For Chimney Sweep!

Many home owners don’t really pay attention to the cleaning of chimneys, until its winter. Unused chimneys can be home for rodents and pests, and if ignored for a long time, there can be serious compromises with indoor air quality. It is a wise idea to hire an expert company for chimney sweep right ahead of the extreme cold. In fact, experts recommend checking chimneys at least once each year, irrespective of how frequently the fireplace is used. If you look around, you will find a lot of services like Rooftop Chimney and Roof Services, LLC that offer cleaning services, but how do you choose one? Here are some quick tips.

  • First and foremost, you should start with a background check of the company. You need to know the business details of the service and if they are licensed. Many segments of the service industry are highly unregulated, which is why homeowners end up hiring scam services. To be prudent, always check of the company is licensed as required by the state laws.

  • Is the company insured and bonded? Chimney cleaning can be messy, and there are always chances of unfortunate accidents at work. If the workers of the concerned service aren’t insured, you will have to bear the medical expenses. The company should also be bonded, so that any damage to your home can be covered.
  • Make sure that the service you choose is open to offering references of clients in your area. If a chimney sweep claims to be the best in town, they must have genuine clients to talk about. Also, it is a good idea to check if the company would offer free consultation. Sometimes, chimneys don’t need extensive cleaning, and a genuine service will always offer help to identify the requirements.

  • You also need to get an estimate of the entire work. You can check this website or other options to find the right companies that are willing to take the job on a pre-decided price. Don’t choose a service just because they have been offering massive discounts. The concerned company should be willing to take charge of the work they do, and as needed, they must come by for an inspection after the cleaning has been done. Take a moment to review their services on the web, so that you can check what other customers have to say about their work.

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